Wedding Colors {Where do I start?}

Don’t start with Pinterest. Wait, what?
Photo credit: kentbrew / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

OK, I’m the first to admit it – and my husband will be the first to tell you: I’m incredibly indecisive. So when we got engaged, set the date, and started planning, I think we were both like, “Oh crap.” Scared that I would not be able to make decisions until the last minute, or fearing that I would change my mind 100 times, I forced myself to find an overall look and I vowed to stick with it. That doesn’t HAVE to be the case for everyone. I just knew that I had a whole year to plan which meant A LOT of time to spend countless hours on Pinterest and circle my way through every wedding vision that I had ever had. You know what Pinterest does to you! {Disclaimer: I do love Pinterest and it’s a great tool.}

Have you ever attended a wedding as a guest and instantly wondered, “What toddler did they let choose the colors?” Or immediately relate to the bride by understanding her indecisiveness around the 10,000 decisions that have to be made regarding ALL. THE. DETAILS. And praising her for just going for…well, everything. I was scared of being ‘That Bride’. So I knew going into selecting our ‘wedding colors’ that I didn’t necessarily want to pick colors that I just liked. I wanted to select colors and an overall look that would 1) be a good representation of my style and 2) be timeless, yet on trend. So, I wanted to share how I went about selecting the broad, over-arching details all the way down to the fine little details that half of our guests probably didn’t event notice!

This pretty little piece of jewelry is the one item I styled our entire wedding around. Yes, a necklace determined the fate of what our wedding was going to look like. My sister laughed at me a number of times because I would pack this baby around with me as inspiration and decision making on all things wedding related. I LOVED to look at it (and wear it, of course). The second I found something that I wanted to make or purchase regarding our wedding, I would pull this beauty out and make my decision. I know it may sound silly, but that is seriously all you need to help inspire your decision-making for your big day. And it helps eliminate most of the indecisiveness. Most, I said 🙂 We picked black attire for our wedding party, lots of mixed-metal accents with various textures and hues, and of course classic, pearly white features that helped tie everything together. For our November 2014 wedding, it was perfect.

I’m not saying go find a piece of jewelry to help plan your wedding – I’m saying do this:

  1. Find something that you love to look at. Eye candy. Yes, it’s that simple. It may come from a magazine. It may come from the outdoors. It may come from a random box at your parents house that you haven’t looked at in 20 years. You’d be surprised what will inspire you.
  2. Find something that represents YOUR style – both from a fashion sense and a décor perspective. You don’t have to plan a Vogue-esque wedding if that’s not you or your soon-to-be spouse. I knew I wanted a touch of vintage, rustic décor but in a modern, refined way. It’s possible if you have the right vision. Don’t overdo any one thing. It’s easy to find a well-balanced mixture so you don’t end up with a single theme, so to speak.
  3. Find something that is a good representation of you and your partner. Clearly, I knew this necklace was not something I would be finding as an accessory on my fiancé! But I did know that my hubby-to-be wasn’t going to go for anything loud, bright and off the charts when it came to our wedding look. We’re both pretty classic, laid-back people. However, we wanted our special day to be timeless, while still very much a fun celebration. We knew we wanted to keep the attire classy and timeless but the details we wanted to play up and be a true representation of us…as individuals and as a couple.

That’s how the decision-making began for our big day! I can’t wait to hear what inspiration and vision that you have! Please contact us if you want help styling your special day or need help on finding all those details – I would LOVE to help!