Please review the following to help answer any questions.

How does the order process work?

Renting with us is easy! Once you have a date for your event:

  1. Submit a request in our booking calendar and we’ll be in touch with you quickly! You can also contact us via email or phone to secure a date for your rentals.
  2. Once you receive a confirmation email that your date is secured, you will receive direction to submit a $50 Security Deposit.

This security deposit:

    • Holds the event date for rentals and/or delivery, setup, styling, etc.
    • Is our way of protecting our collection and keeping it in brand new condition
    • And lastly, will be refunded to you promptly once items are returned and reviewed by our team!

Deposits can be completed via online form (sent in confirmation email), phone, or by mail. You will have the opportunity to change your order up to 3 weeks prior to your event!

3. SHOP!!! You can create a favorite list, share photos, pin to Pinterest, and add to your rental cart online. It’s simple and easy! If you have a special request or don’t see something you would like to rent, reach out to us. We’re growing our collection all the time!

Why do I have to pay to reserve items and secure my event date?

We want to ensure that all items are returned in the same condition they left in so the next client can enjoy them! It’s that simple. We LOVE sharing and want to make sure our high quality items remain in tip-top shape! We understand 100% that items may get dirty and require cleaning and also fully understand that accidents happen! We just ask that you respect the items like they’re your own! After all, our goal of this business is to make sure you feel like it’s ‘All Yours.’

Deposits can be completed via online form (sent in a confirmation email), phone, or by mail. This deposit will be returned promptly after the rental period is over and items are returned and reviewed in good condition.

See our policies for further details.

How long is the rental period?

The rental price for All Yours Events rental items are available for a fixed rental period. The rental starts the Thursday prior to your event (if your event is on Saturday or Sunday), when you pick up the items or have them delivered*. The rental ends the following Monday, when items need to be returned. Delivery and pickup of rental items by our team can be arranged for an additional fee* and must be requested no later than 4 weeks prior to your event. We’re flexible on timing though, just be sure to ask for special requests or extra days up front.

*Additional fees do apply for delivery and pickup around the Greater Kansas City area & beyond.

Do you deliver & pick up?

Yes! BUT only in the Kansas City and surrounding area. Delivery/pick up cost(s) are based on the size and number of items needing delivery as well as the distance. Please contact us for a quote up front if you think this is something you would need. We’re happy to work with you! This fee will be separate from your rental order costs and is not subject to tax.

Do you setup/style for an event?

Absolutely! BUT only in the Kansas City and surrounding area. Setup and event styling is not part of the rental fee. However, if you would like help with set up or help making decor decisions, we are happy to work with you for an additional fee. This fee will be separate from your rental order costs and is not subject to tax.

Do I need to clean the rental items after my event?

Feel free to wipe down if items get slightly dirty. Please do not wash any fabric items – most are hand-made, and have special cleaning instructions. However, if they get dirty before your event, contact us immediately. If they get dirty during your event, remove as much of the debris and send back to us. As long as you communicate this upfront when returning your rental items, we will likely understand and not question a thing!

All candles/wax need removed as best as can be before returning. We’ll do the scrubbing!

I don’t see what I want?

We would love to work with you to find the perfect items for your special event! We are growing our inventory every week and are open to requests and suggestions. We want to know what you want! Contact us today!